Steam Introduces New Adult Only Section

Valve is implementing a brand-new Steam experiment wherein the platform’s browsing options have been updated, making the act of searching for video game titles easier and more concise than ever before. In line with this, the new Steam Lab experiment introduces a new section that is specifically and explicitly made for categorizing games that have sex in it.

Long-time Steam users are familiar with Valve frequently experimenting and changing up the digital storefront in order to improve and finetune the platform. For instance, Steam recently launched a playtest feature for early game testing. This was definitely a great update to introduce to the platform, as it allowed developers to have their own playtests.

That being said, this new and revamped browsing option breaks down the different Steam categories into specifics. They’re significantly more granular this time around compared to the previous categories, as it consists of not only major genres but subgenres as well.


For example, the major genre that is RPG is then broken down to more specific genres, such as  “survival horror” or “action-RPG.” At the same time, the way it works allows players to find a specific game like Resident Evil 3, for example, within both categories.

The experiment doesn’t restrict itself to just genres, though — players can also go ahead and search for games using a variety of themes as keywords. Some examples of this would be “medieval” or perhaps “science fiction.” In any case, Steam goes into detail about this experiment in one of its announcements.

That being said, there’s one thing that Steam didn’t bother to mention, and that’s the Adults Only special section. There are a few things that players need to enable first before this option is available to them. For one thing, they first need to take part in the Steam Labs experiment. Secondly, they need to have enabled adult content in their Steam account.

After these requirements are met, Steam users will find a brand-new categories menu, which has a special section on the left side containing the Adult Only section. Those whose curiosity has been tickled and proceed to click will find a slew of mature and pornographic-related video games.

There are some pretty silly-sounding adult titles there, such as Among Ass, BustyBiz, Booty Calls, and so much more.


Steam’s decision to revamp the way gamers can browse titles in this organized fashion is definitely a good move on Valve’s part, and we assume that this format will remain for years to come simply for how convenient and easy it makes things.

Asides from that, it ensures that NSFW and other adult-themed games won’t be mixed in with regular games. Children and teenagers aren’t the only demographic for video games these days, after all. Times are constantly changing, and more and more adults between 35 through over 60 are statistically seen to be playing video games now more than ever.

As a result, we can see why creating a separate section for adult games is necessary, asides from the fact that doing so ensures that children and minors won’t stumble upon them while browsing the rest of the tags.

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