New Tactical Shooter ‘Thunder Tier One’ By PUBG Dev Announced At The Game Awards

The Game Awards is an event that most people in the gaming community look forward to every year not only because it gives their favorite games a chance to win awards, but because the event contains a ton of new game announcements and reveals.

This year’s event — albeit digital —  is no different, as a new tactical shooter by a PUBG developer has been announced. The new top-down shooter in question is entitled Thunder Tier One, and one to four players are tasked with taking down terrorists as elite operatives.

The game has different modes available, and players can choose between single-player and co-op. On the other hand, those who want to test their abilities against other players can try out PvP. Interested players don’t have to wait very long if their fingers are already itching to test Thunder Tier One out, as a special gameplay preview is now available on Steam.

Thunder Tier One is a game that was originally conceptualized by Pawel Smolewski, the Head of Action and Gunplay Unit of PUBG. The idea of this game came to him in 2016, and since then he has worked on it with a small team as a project to do during his spare time.

This year, however, he showed this passion project of his to developer KRAFTON Inc., who was more than willing to support Smolewski’s endeavors. Now, the original team is still the one working on the game, but it’s now being backed by KRAFTON.

The Game Awards revealed Thunder Tier One’s gameplay trailer, which showcased a military shooter that appears more modern and requires more strategic moves than others.

As it’s a top-down shooter, the player is basically looking down on the battlefield, silently controlling the operative of choice into different and strategic areas of the map. After all, ensuring that the operative has a place to hide once the fighting starts is vital.

The aforementioned Steam gameplay preview will be available this week, albeit only for a limited time. Specifically, it will begin on December 10 at 8 PM PST and will end on December 13 at 8 AM PST. Those who are interested to try out the preview for themselves can experience two different campaign missions in either single-player or co-op.


There will be a multiplayer mode available to test out as well, and this particular mode has two sub-modes called Advance and Secure, and Deathmatch. Since Thunder Tier One was officially revealed during The Game Awards 2020, Smolewski couldn’t help but show his gratitude. “We’re thankful to our community for their encouragement and feedback so far, and to KRAFTON, Inc. for helping our indie team,” he said.

He goes on to say that he’s excited to “introduce the title to a wider audience” and see what the players’ reactions or feedback are regarding the game. That being said, the future of Thunder Tier One has yet to be seen, as not much has been revealed about the title asides from the gameplay trailer.

For instance, we know that the game will be available on Steam but there’s no news as to whether or not console users will be able to play it too. We’ll have to wait for more details, but for now, there’s already an active Discord server for the game where interested players have gathered.

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