TWD’s Michonne and Daryl Coming To Fortnite Next Week

The Walking Dead’s Michonne and Daryl will be arriving in Fortnite on beginning December 16 as revealed during last night’s The Game Awards 2020. Fortnite took the center stage during the event for a few minutes, reviving the fan-favorite machinima series Red vs. Blue to assist in the revelation of its Halo collaboration, which allows access to both Blood Gulch and Master Chief being playable on Capture the Flag mode.

Fortnite recently revealed that new bounty hunters will be arriving at the hit battle royale title, but rumors on who it would be are always hard for players provided the expansive variety that has emerged so far. Fortnite has been known for its colossal Marvel crossovers, but the title has also successfully and cleverly collaborated with titles such as Borderlands 3 and John Wick when convenient.

The reveal about The Walking Dead’s Michonne and Daryl arriving to Fortnite was short when it aired during the annual Game Awards live show and didn’t give further details aside from what the characters will look like in the game.

They were introduced via a trailer that featured Agent Jonesy dropping in on the two as they are staving off zombies, shortly glancing at them before turning on an unknown device that transports them into the Fortnite map. The trailer also showed when fans can expect to obtain The Walking Dead’s Michonne and Daryl, as both of them will be available on December 16.

The addition is another achievement for Fortnite and could open the opportunity for other The Walking Dead skins to come in the game in the near future. With so many companies keen to secure a chance to partner with Epic Games’ legendary game, it’s not shocking to see the majority of Fortnite’s announcements now involve blockbuster brands.


This is another major win for Fortnite which is hastily collecting so many featured characters from across various brands that it would be simpler to list which characters are not in the game. Aside from Halo and The Walking Dead, Fortnite has also managed to secure iconic characters such as Galactus, and its fame continues to push it into new boundaries in the gaming industry, with virtual concerts now the norm across various titles becoming famous thanks to Fortnite.

Whatever will be next for Epic Games’ battle royale aside from the obvious new partnerships is worth keeping an eye on, as it could simply set another standard in the video game industry after it is featured in the battle royale first.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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