Twitch Streamer Jinnytty Announces Her Return to Korea

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the popular Twitch streamer who goes by Jinnytty has decided to leave the United States and return to Korea. The streamer broke this sad news to her fans during a Just Chatting stream last February 5.

The streamer started her Twitch channel back in 2017, and was able to grow her account up to over 500,000 followers since then just by streaming Just Chatting sessions on a regular basis. Both Jinnytty and another streamer known as Yugwha0901 came to the United States from Korea early last year with the plan to travel across the country.

The two streamers were able to visit a couple of major cities in the US, including San Francisco and Austin, right before COVID-19 went full force and resulted in lockdown procedures. Since that time, though, Jinny has been living with EsfandTV, another Twitch streamer, in Austin, Texas. Jinny’s stay with Esfand has resulted in collaborations and amusingly chaotic content.

Things seemed to have been going great for Jinny, until February 5, when she revealed during a stream that she plans on returning to Korea while the pandemic is still ongoing. The streamer has multiple reasons for this decision, one reason being the fact that Jinny and her brother didn’t come to the United States just to remain indoors every single day. Rather, their purpose for visiting is the complete opposite of what they’ve been doing as of late—they wanted to travel and have fun road trips.

On the other hand, Korea has been handling the COVID-19 situation significantly different, perhaps even better, than the States. The Korean government has been strict when it comes to the implemented lockdowns and other procedures, such as social distancing and the wearing of masks.

Not only that, the country has been firmly limiting who can come and go from the country’s borders, requiring regular self-reporting in terms of possible symptoms, and implementing strict 2-week quarantine periods. It may seem rigorous, but because of these firm rules and regulations, a lot of Korea’s bars, restaurants, and other attractions were able to remain open despite the pandemic—which is the complete opposite of what has happened and is happening in many cities in the States.


That being said, COVID-19 isn’t the only reason why Jinny has decided to leave the States and return home, and it’s a major reason. The streamer only visited the country as a tourist, which means that she doesn’t have a work visa. As such, even without the pandemic, she would still need to leave soon, anyway.

During the stream, Jinny says, “I plan to come back in the summer, so I was gonna leave anyway by the end of February so that I can come back in summer, right?

Since she has been staying with another streamer in Texas, she goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be a “burden” on Esfand. But to end things on a bright note, Jinny adds that “it’s not like I’m leaving forever. I’m coming back whenever things are better.” The streamer couldn’t help but feel emotional during her recent stream, but her fans have been supportive of her decision to leave.

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