Ubisoft Rebrands Uplay App as Ubisoft Connect

Since the release of the next-generation consoles is almost upon us, Ubisoft has decided to revitalize its services before the new systems arrive. In an attempt to do so, Ubisoft has revealed that it will be merging together the Uplay app and Ubisoft Club service to create Ubisoft Connect.

Back then, the company made use of both Uplay and Ubisoft Club when it came to gaming streaming services. Users experienced a couple of issues, such as the time when Uplay prevented gamers from playing Watch Dogs, but Ubisoft was capable of fixing the users’ concerns right away.

That being said, the company wants Ubisoft Connect to be different and to have the positive elements of both platforms without its flaws. Ubisoft Connect, which will be a cloud-based service that allows users to enjoy a variety of cross-platform features, will reimagine Uplay and Ubisoft Club.

This platform will be especially perfect for when the upcoming titles with cross-progression get released, namely Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Riders Republic.


Among other things, Ubisoft Connect will also feature new social events and challenges available on different platforms – PC, consoles, and streaming devices – so that no player will be left out.

Overall, Ubisoft wants Ubisoft Connect to provide convenience and much better accessibility between the company’s services and the players throughout all platforms.

The VP of Ubisoft’s Online Services Stephanie Perotti and Creative Director of Ubisoft Connect Charles Huteau both remarked on the new features and benefits that the new gaming hub will have.

Basically, Ubisoft is gathering resources from both Uplay and Ubisoft Club in order for the company to create a more efficient gaming service for gamers across various platforms. Both Perotti and Huteau highlighted Ubisoft Connect’s cross-platform features.

More specifically, players will be able to take advantage of a new in-game overlay, a Smart Intel system that personalizes video recommendations and game tips, a newsfeed for players, as well as a revised loyalty and reward system from Ubisoft Club.

Both also mentioned how Ubisoft Connect has been in the works for more or less 10 years now with the help of the trials and errors made through Uplay and Ubisoft Club. The company took every success and lessons learned from every failure to create Ubisoft Connect from the ground up.


As mentioned, Ubisoft Connect will be a cloud-based service. As such, Perotti mentioned that thanks to this new feature, the company will be able to update any and all of its games across the different platforms without having to pester the developer game teams.

She also mentioned that Ubisoft plans to have cross-play and cross-progression support for a lot of its titles in the future by using Ubisoft Connect. If this service is of interest to you, then you don’t have to wait too long for its release.

Ubisoft Connect will be launched along with Watch Dogs Legion this upcoming October 29. The new gaming hub will be available on current and next-generation consoles, and even on the Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce, and the Amazon Luna.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Ubisoft is giving away free 1,000 legacy Ubisoft Club points to its users.

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