Valorant Episode 2: When Will It Start?

With Valorant Episode 1 Act 3 already released globally, most fans are already waiting for the arrival of the game’s next episode.

Time has gone so fast for Valorant players. While most players would feel like it has not been that long when Riot Games first launched the game, the reality is that the game has already gone through Act 1 and Act 2, and soon they will also witness the end of Act 3.

The release of Act 3 has introduced a lot of changes to Valorant including new agents, improved battle pass, and even a new map. In fact, the development team initially planned to add the new map Icebox in Episode 2. So, when they released it in Act 3, many were caught surprised. Now that Act 3 is in motion, everyone is excited to know when the next episode will start.

Episode 2 Possible Start Date

When the developers released the first two Acts, they lasted for about eight weeks each. However, Riot Games has other plans prepared for Act 3. Instead of the usual eight weeks, the new Act will linger around twelve weeks. This means Act 3 will end in the first weeks of 2021.

Act 3 was released last October 13, which most likely puts its conclusion on January 13, 2021. However, this is all just pure theory right now since the developers haven’t made any official announcements on the exact date Act 3 will end.

However, the only thing that is guaranteed is that when Act 3 ends, Episode 2 will automatically start.

What To Expect From Episode 2

Because Riot Games released a new map this early, it’s probable that players won’t receive a new map after Episode 2 has launched. However, knowing the developers, fans never really know.

Recent Valorant leaks suggest a new game mode is coming in Episode 2 called Snowball. Players can also expect more new improvements and features to launch in the new episode. However, what players can anticipate is the debut of a new Agent.

The developers haven’t provided any specific details about the new Agent but Tier 48 on the current battle pass reveals a dog tag with the Latin words “Memento Mori” encrypted in it. The phrase when translated has something to do with death.


First tournament

While information about Valorant’s Episode 2 is a little bit scarce, the same can’t be said about its eSports scene. No player can deny that Valorant is already a huge game in eSports. However, most of the tournaments organized for the game were held by third-party organizers.

Now, the first-ever Riot Games-organized tournament will be happening soon. Riot Games is obviously not a newcomer to the eSports scene as the company is the one behind one of the most successful eSports in the world – League of Legends.

Beginning on European countries first, the developers will launch the open qualifiers for Valorant First Strike: Europe starting November 9 until November 22. The qualified teams will then face each other at the championships from December 3 to December 6.

Riot Games is also preparing the first stages of the Southeast Asian Valorant championships.

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