Wartile Makes its Way to the Nintendo Switch

It has been announced that the strategy game Wartile will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch by the end of the month. After hours upon hours of hard work done by Playwood Project and Deck13, Vikings will wreak havoc on this Nintendo console.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Wartile is best described as a “living, breathing tabletop video game,” according to the game’s website. The dioramic battle boards, as well as the game itself, is inspired by Norse mythology – with the focus primarily on Vikings.


The game features strategic turn-based elements and a unique blend of cool-down based gameplay, and slow down features. The cool-down based combat gives you ample time and opportunity to plan out your next move.

On the other hand, the Slow Time feature, will significantly slow down your battle. This gives you an advantage from your enemies, especially since every action counts. At the center of it all, Wartile allows you to make tactical decisions that ensure your victory.

That being said, the Switch version will feature a bonus as well, as the DLC “Hel’s Nightmare” will be included right away. For this DLC, a horde of Draugr Warriors has been awakened, leaving destruction and death in their wake.

As such, you now have to fight against this newfound threat. Hel’s Nightmare brings to you five new battle boards that you can play on, as well as a new hero known as Ogier the Dane.

Last but not least, you can collect various kinds of figurines or characters in Wartile, which you can also level up. Before going on a quest, you have the option to customize and set up your deck so that you have the highest chances of winning before heading off to battle.

Wartile will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop this September 24, 2020. For now, you can also add it to your wishlist while you wait.

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