What Are Tex Mechanica Weapons In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 doesn’t need any further explanation. And if you are new to gaming, you are almost certain to have heard of Destiny 2, a free-to-play video game. Destiny’s gameplay is as engaging as it is expansive. Tex Mechanica is one of the topics that Destiny 2 players have been wondering about lately. We’re here to tell you what you need to know about Tex Mechanica and Tex Mechanica firearms. So, please read this post all the way around.

Bungie added Tex Mechanica as an arms foundry in Destiny 2. Tex Mechanica isn’t new in Destiny 2 because it was already present in the first game. This weapon forge has an iconic and legendary status in the Destiny games. In the Destiny games, Tex Mechanica has a motto as well: “We play by the old rules, the best rules. We play for keeps.”


As previously said, the gameplay in the Destiny video games is vast and varied. The setting of Tex Mechanica can be traced back to the virtual part of the Destiny video game’s Early City Ages. In the Destiny games, Tex Mechanica firearms are well-known and often used by Hunters.

Here are the most well-known Tex Mechanica weapons, as well as their upgrades

  • The Chaperone (Shotgun): This exotic shotgun has a 290-400 Assault, an endurance upgrade, and solar damage capabilities, among other impressive features.
  • The Last Word (Head Cannon): This exotic head cannon has 280-400 attacks, as well as awesome features like Kinetic Damage, Fan Fire, and more.
  • The First Curse (Head Cannon): This exotic head cannon has 290-400 attack and incredible features like Dead Eye, Infuse, and more.


  • The Fourth Horseman (Shotgun): This exotic shotgun has 280-400 attack and features Thunderer, Arc Damage, and other awesome upgrades.
  • The Prospector (Grenade Launchers): This heavy-grade exotic grenade launcher has an Excavation mode and a Volatile launch, among other awesome features that you can add in with Destiny 2 updates.
  • The Huckleberry (Submachine Guns): This exotic Submachine Gun is eligible for enhancements, including Ride the Bull, Fluted Barrel Barrel, and more in the Destiny games a 10-650 Attack and ammunition style main.

Other Similar Guns


Primed Big Sky Mk. 48 (Head Cannon, 130 Attack); Silvered Maverick Mk. 41 (Head Cannon, 125 Attack); The Bronco (fast, strong, and durable); The Prod (fast, powerful, and durable) (remarkable quality, reliability, and power).

Although the above were Tex Mechanica foundry arms, the Ace of Spades, Thorn, Lumina, Universal Remote, and Fatebringer are some of the Tex Mechanica adapted weapons worth noting (Adept).

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