Wolverine Creative Director Spills It Will Have A Mature Tone

The game’s creative director suggests that it would have a “mature tone,” however this does not imply that it will be rated M. During last Thursday’s spectacular PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac announced that it is working on a PS5-exclusive triple-A action game based on Marvel’s ferocious Canadian mutant, Logan, with a quick teaser depicting Logan naturally getting into trouble in a barroom.

Since then, fans have been debating what type of tone this new book should have, as well as whether Marvel’s Wolverine needs an M rating to reflect the violence of its titular character accurately. Logan has a reputation for being one of Marvel’s darkest and more violent characters, with a war-torn past, razor-sharp Adamantium claws, and a mutant healing factor that lets him recover from some really gruesome injuries. However, most Marvel-based video games avoid Wolverine’s bloodier features, with the exception of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in.


While it’s still unclear whether Marvel’s Wolverine will receive an M rating, Insomniac Games’ Brian Horton said that the game’s plot would have a mature tone. After revealing his job as Creative Director for Marvel’s Wolverine on Twitter a few days ago, Amori1770 wondered if the game would be full-sized or a limited release like Spider-Man: Miles Morales last year. Marvel’s Wolverine, according to Horton, will be a full-size game with a “mature tone.”

Given that Marvel’s Wolverine was only revealed a few days ago, nothing is known about the narrative or gameplay mechanics. Early online reports stated that Marvel’s Wolverine would be a hack-and-slash game in the manner of God Of War, and Insomniac has officially announced that the game would be situated in the same world as the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man and its sequels.

During the brief teaser for Marvel’s Wolverine, some viewers even saw an Easter Egg hinting at a possible Wolverine boss fight with Hulk, albeit nothing official has been confirmed.

Brian Horton’s promise of a “mature tone” in Marvel’s Wolverine doesn’t necessarily imply that the game will be rated M since both of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games dealt with serious topics within the limitations of a Teen Rating.

However, the Marvel’s Wolverine teaser from Thursday showed a lot of dead bodies and blood on Logan’s hand, implying that Marvel’s Wolverine will be darker than Insomniac’s previous comic book experiences.

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