Xbox Series X 1TB Expansion Storage Will Cost $220

Microsoft has revealed its first 1TB expandable storage for its next-gen consoles which will cost $220. As of writing, Best Buy is now taking preorders for the next-gen accessory which can be placed on the rear side of both the Xbox Series X/S to match their internal SSD as well as give extra 1TB storage.

Microsoft’s expandable storage solution is proprietary and only Seagate has been revealed as a producer so far. However, Microsoft revealed that more suppliers as well as additional storage space sizes will soon be available. Nevertheless, the $220 will in no doubt surprise a lot of potential Xbox Series X/S buyers.

The Xbox Series X is already installed with a 1TB internal SSD storage while the Xbox Series S with just 512GB of internal storage.  The current price of the expandable memory means the $299 Xbox Series S will have its price increased to a whopping $520 if fans want to avail the extra storage and bring the Series S’ memory to 1.5TB.

The additional storage will make the Xbox Series X more enticing for fans who want larger storage due to the fact that future games will require more space once they are integrated with the next-gen consoles. Titles made for the Xbox Series S will be 30% smaller compared to the Series X, which will in no doubt help with its smaller storage space.

Another option for expandable storage is by simply using any USB drive to save games when users don’t need to play them. If they are not compatible with the Xbox Series X/S, users can be able to run them directly from the USB storage or just plain copy the games and utilize drives as low-cost cold storage.


It is hard to judge the pricing of these next-gen expandable storages simply because these aren’t comparable enough PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs available in the market. Sony has preferred to gran players the ability to slot their own storages into the PlayStation 5 but these expandable spaces will need to meet the speed requirements of the console’s internal SSD.

These speed requirements mean that PlayStation 5 owners will have to get the best PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives that are just starting to be distributed for the PC. Samsung recently announced its 980 Pro a few days ago which looks like the perfect expandable storage for the PlayStation 5 because of its incredible features including quick read and write speeds. The 1TB variant of Samsung’s 980 Pro costs $230 but Sony hasn’t confirmed any drives that will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 yet.


The advantage of Sony’s open approach to getting expandable storages for its next-gen consoles is that prices on compatible PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs will surely go down over time because of the tight rivalries and decreased manufacturing expenses. Assuming that Sony will allow compatibility with most high-end drives, users should have a lot of options.

Microsoft, on the other hand, will need to find more manufacturers to produce its expandable storage cards for the Xbox Series X/S for rivalries to take place and let prices go down over time. It will again be a waiting game to see precisely how Microsoft and Sony handle their expandable storage options in the next months. However, it is certain from Microsoft’s pricing those users who want more storage for the Xbox Series X/S will have to shed a few hundred bucks.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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