Apex Legends Lore Book Reveals Octane’s Face

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the industry right now. One thing that makes it so popular to its target market is the fact that it has more than a dozen unique playable Legends that you can control on the battlefield.

It’s not hard to get emotionally attached to these characters, especially since developer Respawn Entertainment always makes an effort to release interesting in-game lore for the different Legends and the universe they’re in.

Now, Respawn has more up its sleeve to expand Apex Legends’ world through the new lore book called Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest. What makes this book’s contents even more interesting is the fact that hidden between its pages lies an unexpected face reveal for Octane, the masked adrenaline junkie.


Even though the lore book, given its title, naturally revolves around the fan-favorite robot, Pathfinder, it seems that a spotlight will shine on the other Legends as well, if we’re to use this Octane reveal as a basis.

Octane was first introduced in Apex Legends Season 1 back in 2019. Ever since then, his face hadn’t been revealed at all by Respawn, which has left many fans wondering what the character actually looks like underneath his googles and mask.

Now, we finally have an idea as to what he looks like, and surprisingly, he looks like a regular person! This may come as a shock to many, especially given his personality and voice lines. What isn’t surprising, though, is his lime green hair, which matches his overall color scheme and suits him well.

At the same time, the Apex Legends art team deserve a round of applause for making Octane’s appearance look believable all while complementing his outlandish personality There’s a lot of intricate details put into the artwork as well, such as a chipped tooth, a scar on his nose, and marks surrounding his eye area from using a mask too often. They may be just minute details, but they truly help in fleshing out Octane as a character and brings him to life.

We hope that the Pathfinder’s Quest lore book will contain even more details and surprises about other Legends that will make fans love them more.

[SPOILER] Octane Face Reveal leaked in upcoming Pathfinder’s Quest book from apexlegends

For Apex Legends players who haven’t dived deep into the game’s lore and extensive world, it’s definitely an interesting subject to broach. It’s something that’s worth checking out if or when time allows it. For one thing, each of the playable Legends have their own reasons for deciding to join the Apex Games. In the case of Loba, it’s for personal revenge, while Octane’s reason was more self-gratifying than anything.

Apex Legends Season 8 begins today, and we look forward to even more world and character lore to be peppered throughout this latest season. A new Legend will be joining the fray as well, who has his own backstory and his own reasons for competing in the Games.

In any case, it appears that Season 8 will be the first season for many new Apex Legends players. The game’s player record on Steam recently reached a new milestone, which means that there are even more concurrent players than ever before.

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