Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Have a Universal Character Creator

BioWare recently shared to its fans a few details about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and what they can expect from it upon release, emphasizing the fact that the upcoming game will be a 4K ultra-HD remaster of all three titles combined. Not only that, it’s set to have a plethora of quality of life tweaks and adjustments that will make it even better.

From what we can see so far, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is looking to be more than just BioWare trying to take advantage of an already popular franchise, and it seemingly offers a revamped version of the highly beloved trilogy.

There are all kinds of new features for returning fans to enjoy, from enhanced Mako controls to improved fighting and combat for Mass Effect 1. Probably one of the biggest and most exciting features included in this edition is the universal character creator.

The three games within the Mass Effect franchise have significantly different character customization options, but the Legendary Edition will only focus on one character creator in order to unify the titles, with a noticeable focus on the one used in Mass Effect 3. Now, this one change has resulted in several other changes too—like a ripple effect.


For instance, the default female Commander Shepard for Mass Effect 1 and will be utilizing the default character used in Mass Effect 3. This is a significant and highly welcome change, especially for those fans who were unhappy with BioWare for not having a defining female face for the Commander at least until the third installment.

For those who want to add their own take to the character, no worries. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will introduce extra customization options as players progress through the series. These additional options will be available from the first game onwards. In fact, the developer even added even more options to the character creator for a more in-depth customization experience.

Players will reportedly be offered a wider range of hairstyles, skin tones, and even makeup. According to the report, BioWare apparently focused on including more hairstyle options for Black characters. Thanks to this upcoming universal character creator, customizations will be more consistent throughout the three games, all while including extra options that will allow fans to create the perfect version of Commander Shepard that they’ve envisioned.


Not only that, but fans will allegedly no longer experience the previous troubles they’ve had in terms of transferring their character information and details from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. As for overall changes, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will significantly overhaul the graphics of the first Mass Effect game. This makes sense, given how fans agree that out of the trilogy, this title didn’t age as well as the other two.

As such, BioWare will implement significant changes to its combat mechanics, enhanced visuals and graphics, a more responsive AI than ever before, smoother aiming, and so much more. Changes will also be made to the game’s autosave feature, ensuring that it will be less unpredictable and that it will save more often.

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