Astro’s Playroom Designers Confirms No DLC is Coming

Though the developers from Team Asobi are open to considering making an Astro’s playroom expansion or even a sequel on the PlayStation 5, designer and Japan Studio CEO Nicolas Doucet has verified that no such project is currently in progress.

Intriguingly, this appears to contravene a statement from Doucet himself from a blog post ahead of the PlayStation 5’s release, wherein he mentioned that “Astro will be back with news soon.” Now, this news has been covered in mystery.

Astro’s Playroom is a small but free game that comes preinstalled on all PlayStation 5 units. At its core, the game from Team Asobi serves as a showcase for the entire next-gen console’s DualSense controller’s features.

As many fans and critics have noticed, though, the game goes above and beyond expectations, giving an experience that feels as though it is much more than just a demo. Sadly, it appears the little robot’s rather short adventure won’t be receiving a continuation anytime soon.

According to Edge Magazine, Doucet revealed that even though Team Asobi wanted to further explore the new features of the DualSense controller, there are currently no plans in doing additional Astro’s Playroom content.

During the interview, Doucet mentioned that “at this moment in time, there’s no plan for an extension of Astro’s Playroom, but I think it’s going to come down to the popularity of the game.”

He acknowledged that while critics are particularly fond of the game, he and his team are waiting on a response from the gaming community before making any moves. Doucet added, “if the character has popularity, and if it proves that people are really having fun, [an extension or sequel] could be one avenue to follow.”

Thus, Astro’s Playroom’s future is oblivion for the time being. Provided the title’s cleverly integrated PlayStation easter eggs, exciting gameplay, and alluring world, players will soon begin getting their hopes up for a new entry. If so, they can only hope that Team Asobi gives the title another opportunity to shine on the PlayStation 5.

Obviously, Astro’s Playroom isn’t the first time that the little guy is featured in a game. Astro was also featured in Astro Bot Rescue Mission which is a PS VR game that released on Sony’s platform back in 2018.

The game, too, was nothing short of a captivating adventure, one that a lot of players found enjoyment in. Intriguingly, much like Astro’s Playroom for the DualSense, Astro Bot Rescue Mission operated as a showcase for the PlayStation VR.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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