Brand-new Content Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has released a brand-new update, and with it comes a variety of brand-new content for Adventurers to enjoy. In this new patch, players can now explore new regions, as well as participate in events that will make your character even stronger.

The update features a new region and questline, along with the introduction of Hadum, the Goddess of Darkness, who has made her way to the Black Desert universe. Before her arrival, though, Adventurers will first be welcomed by the Omen of Darkness.

This will help them prepare for what’s to come in Hadum’s Realm. This preliminary stage will help you gather valuable items, weapons, and armor from Orwen’s Shop.


In addition to that, Town Hall Tier 8 has also been added to camps. In other words, Adventurers will be able to expand their camp area as well as produce and gather even more resources.

There’s also an all-new Merchantry: Mediah location, where you can gain various other resources that you can use to trade in the northern region. Speaking of, this region will allow you to make use of items such as the Mythical grade Crow Marchant’s Elixirs, among other new trade items.


For a complete list of the new features in Black Desert Mobile’s latest update, their official website has a pretty neat breakdown.

On another note, Black Desert SEA has a new update as well – Awakening and Succession options have been added for the latest Hashashin class.

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