Valorant Players Unsure if Breach Changes Are Helpful or Not

Valorant’s latest update, patch 1.11, has finally been redeployed by Riot Games after rolling it back last week. Now, players can’t seem to decide if whether or not the changes made to Breach are considered to be a nerf or a buff.

After the update went live, players noticed that there were some vital details about Breach that weren’t included in the initial patch notes. This patch came after the launch of Act 3 last month, which brought with it new skins, a new map, as well as a new character named Skye.

Among other things, the patch also had other inclusions, such as balancing changes for Breach, Killjoy, and Cypher. Not only that, a new left-handed view model can be found in Valorant’s settings.

Breach’s flash time was increased from 1.75 to 2, which was noted in the original patch notes. However, there was a change made to his Fault Line ability that wasn’t listed on the patch notes. More specifically, Breach’s Fault Line has implemented an eight-meter safe zone to its cast.

This unlisted change was noticed by Reddit userĀ oDavideo, who wondered if it was some kind of glitch since it wasn’t included in the patch notes. The post garnered a bit of attention, which resulted in Valorant developer “Rycoux” responding in the comment section as well.

The developer confirmed that these changes were, in fact, intentional, but it seemed that it was just accidentally left out from the patch notes. They also included a short bullet list of the other changes that weren’t included in the patch notes, such as the fact that Fault Line now “charges 20% faster.”

That being said, there’s a mix in reactions regarding the changes made to Breach. Some are annoyed that they have to back up a bit before they get to attack, while some complain that the new distance is too far.

Although, this change was made because it was supposed to help the players’ teammates by providing a safe zone for them to stand in. Some players were asking for the reason behind these changes, to which the Valorant developer responded by saying that the purpose was to “help his teammates play around his utility a little easier.”

Breach Fault Line Change? from VALORANT

Even though “Rycoux” clarified that Breach’s changes were supposed to help the team, some players are still skeptical about the adjustments made to Fault Line and Rolling Thunder, which requires the character to cast them 8 meters away from him.

At the moment, this latest patch still hasn’t been accepted by all Valorant players, but there’s still a chance that the negative reactions will die down once the players get used to the new changes.

After all, Riot Games’ intentions were in the right place when it decided to make these adjustments. As such, they might actually be really helpful to Breach users and their teammates in preventing or at least minimizing any friendly fire.

When using Breach with an open mind, players might come to realize that the eight-meter gap is a great safety net. Whether or not these Breach changes are considered to be a buff or a nerf is completely up to your perspective of things, but it’s also best to view this update with an open and objective mind.

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