Death Stranding Director’s Cut Will Have New Missions and Massive QOL Improvements

Given how contentious Death Stranding’s first release was among its players, many have been anxious to see what the impending Death Stranding: Director’s Cut would offer to update Hideo Kojima’s post-apocalyptic delivery sim. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut’s presence at Gamescom Opening Night Live delivered on that front, giving a closer look at the upgraded version’s additional features.

The event was capped off by a new teaser film from Kojima Productions, which highlights all of the additional features the game will have when it launches on the PS5 next month. These will be among the numerous upgrades touted in the trailer, which claims that the PS5 version of Death Stranding would be the “ultimate” Death Stranding experience.

The teaser begins with new footage showcasing the Director’s Cut’s quality of life enhancements that have been touted. A cannon-like Cargo Catapult that can fire cargo over vast distances developed stabilizers that enable players to leap safely from enormous heights, and jump ramps that players may use to traverse large gaps while in vehicles are among the new tools players will have at their disposal.


The Buddy Bot from the first game will be improved, allowing players to ride it, designate a destination for it, and have it transport them and their packages there automatically.

Players will also have new “action-packed” delivery missions to complete, as the teaser shows fresh footage of Sam Porter Bridges descending into an underground facility, suggesting more stealth-oriented action that should delight fans of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid franchise.

A new training room will let users engage in simulated missions that look to be more combat-focused, in addition to delivery-based gaming. Players will be able to take on these challenges and compete for top scores, unlock new weaponry, and use the improved combat mechanics in the Director’s Cut.

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Finally, the rerelease will include a new activity in the shape of a Death Stranding racing mode, which will allow players to take on time-attack challenges in various cars while also replaying boss battles. New music for Sam to listen to in his room and the ability to do stunts while leaping from ramps are among the lighter features.

Many of Death Stranding’s unusual design decisions irritated fans when it originally came out on PS4 in 2019. Many gamers disliked constantly carrying bulky items through rugged terrain, leading them to disregard Death Stranding and consider it uninteresting.

While the Director’s Cut does not appear to alter the game’s gameplay drastically, the new delivery tools, combat enhancements, and other changes appear to have the potential to make the experience smoother, less laborious, and more interesting overall. Next month, fans will find out.

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