Don’t Miss Out on Animal Crossing’s New Seasonal Items

It’s finally September, and a brand-new month means completely new seasonal items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This means you will see not only new fauna in the game but acorns and pinecones have been sighted already in the Northern Hemisphere islands.

Do you know what else this means, though? Players will be able to purchase new and limited-only items in the Nook Shopping catalog. For September’s new seasonal item, you have the grape-harvest basket. This is a basket you can wear like a bag, something you can use to celebrate the Grape Harvest Festival.

This wearable baskets cost about 800 Bells and will only be available until September 30. If you want it, you can get it on the Seasonal tab in the Nook Shopping catalog.


As previously mentioned, acorns and pinecones have started appearing in Animal Crossing. Fun fact: you can use these to make new autumn-themed DIY recipes. You’ll receive one of these recipes from Isabelle, though, during her daily announcement when you start the game. Other than that, you can find these recipes in balloons.

New bugs and other creatures have also appeared in the game. In the Northern Hemisphere islands, you will find crickets and red dragonflies, among others. For the Southern Hemisphere, you have honeybees, mantises, and other insects.

That being said, Nintendo has yet to announce new content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, even though a new month has already started. The last update was way back in early August, and it added a variety of new features.

They’re surely still working on something new for us. For now, we can find joy in the new creatures and items that September has to offer.

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