Pokemon Go Will No Longer Support Older Devices This October

Bad news for those who are still playing Pokemon Go on an older device: there’s a high chance you will have to upgrade your phone if you wish to keep playing this addictive mobile game. We’ve received news that this coming October, Pokemon Go will no longer be supporting certain phone types and operating systems.

On the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, they have posted that support for those devices still running on Android 5, iOS 10, and iOS 11 will cease this October. This means that if you’re running iOS 12 and above, you will be good to go. However, it still depends on what kind of device you’re using.

Unfortunately, they will no longer support iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 devices as well, which are two of the oldest iOS devices that could still play Pokemon Go right now. There is no specific date yet, but an update will be released sometime in October that will make the game unusable on those devices.

With that in mind, it’s highly possible that future updates for the game will release new features that those devices or operating systems will not be able to handle. That said, you still have the whole of September to consider whether or not you want to get a new phone.


Speaking of September, Pokemon Go has a huge event planned for this month. You can check out the Mega September Event schedule for more information.

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