Electronic Arts Reveals New Star Wars: Squadrons Progression Details

Star Wars: Squadrons is scheduled to be released this week, and Electronic Arts continuously teases fans by revealing more details about the upcoming title. This time around, EA discusses the ranks, rewards, and progression details in a blog update.

To give you a brief overview of Star Wars: Squadrons, it’s basically a space combat game that lets you dogfight using some of the popular ships you’ll find in Star Wars. Squadrons will definitely fill you with excitement as you participate in 5v5 matches, or extensive battles known as Fleet Battles, which take place in multiple stages.

As the player, you have the option to customize not only your pilot but your starship as well using all kinds of upgrades and aesthetic improvements that are meant to change the way your ship flies or fights.

However, you have to unlock these upgrades first. To do so, you have to successfully complete challenges and operations in the game, along with leveling up your pilot. If you finish the daily challenges, you will be rewarded with the in-game currency known as Glory.

Glory can then be used to unlock various kinds of cosmetic upgrades. Completing challenges isn’t the only way you can earn Glory, though. You can also get some by doing well in matches.


Daily challenges contain timed, rotating objectives that you can complete, and it usually has pretty simple and straightforward goals. For instance, some objectives require you to win a certain amount of matches or perhaps destroy enemy ships.

In more ways than one, Squadrons’ daily challenges look very similar to the challenges you’ll find in Star Wars Battlefront.

Asides from Daily Challenges, the game also has Operational Challenges which is linked to the title’s Operations mode. If you complete these challenges, you’ll be able to get unique cosmetic items that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else.

These Operations take place in eight-week cycles, and each new one has a unique set of cosmetic upgrades to offer. In other words, not completing an Operational Challenge means that you’ll miss out on the designated cosmetic upgrades for that Operation.

On the plus side, there’s still a chance that the Operation will return, but you’ll just have to wait indefinitely.


That being said, the aforementioned Fleet Battle and the Operations are linked together. More specifically, the ranks in Fleet Battles will also reset along with each new Operation. This gives you an opportunity to try and reach the highest rank every eight weeks.

After the Operation ends, you will be given Glory based on what rank you were able to reach. Not only that but if you achieve either one of the three highest ranks – Valiant, Legend, or Galactic Ace – you will be given exclusive, one-of-a-kind helmets.

On the other hand, each player has a personal level that won’t reset, unlike the ranks. You will be able to increase your personal level by gaining experience via simply playing the game.

Every level reaching up to level 40 will gain you Requisition points, which you can then use to buy new components for your ship.

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release this October 2.

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