Fortnite Releases Marvel Crossover Clothing Line

Fortnite has been featuring superhero content for quite a while now, beginning in 2018 when the game added an Avengers mode. Fast forward to this year, the fourth season of the highly-popular battle royale is entirely Marvel-themed, featuring all kinds of challenges and other content related to the superhero franchise.

Now, Fortnite has taken things a step further by releasing a Marvel crossover clothing line, which is already available now.

A lot of people are fans of both Fortnite and superheroes, both being huge staples in pop culture. Naturally, avid fans would be quick to fork over money just to purchase apparel of their favorite franchises, and superhero gear owns a top spot on the list.

As such, Fortnite and Marvel have taken advantage of their booming partnership by blending together gaming and superhero gear. In their crossover apparel line, you’ll find limited-edition t-shirts, hoodies, and so much more.

When you initially take a look at the t-shirt designs, it’s unclear where the Fortnite aspect of the crossover lies since the main focus are the superheroes. However, if you take a closer look at the designs, you’ll find tidbits of Fortnite in the background.

For instance, there’s one design that features Iron Man/Tony Stark in the middle, but if you take a look at the background, you’ll see Fortnite’s now-iconic llama.



In another design, you can clearly see the Silver Surfer making his way through space as classic Fortnite skins such as Cuddle Team Leader and Meowscles try and hold on to the superhero’s surfboard.

Even though Fortnite’s hype has died down a bit since its peak in 2018, this doesn’t mean that it’s no longer popular as millions of people still play it.

Without a doubt, this new collaboration with Marvel and Disney benefits both companies. As a matter of fact, their partnership has extended outside of in-game Fortnite content and real-world apparel. Recently, those who played the Marvel’s Avengers beta could receive bonus content in Fortnite.

Even though Epic Games once partnered with DC for content centered around Batman and Aquaman, the company’s relationship with Marvel continues to get stronger as time passes. It’s even gotten to a point where fans are jokingly wondering if Fortnite will become canon in the Marvel Universe.


Well, we might not be seeing Jonesy announce himself as the newest member of the Avengers anytime soon. In fact, we can’t even begin to imagine this scenario.

But then again, a few years back, we wouldn’t have thought that we’d be seeing a t-shirt design featuring Groot sitting on a tree as he looks up at a battle bus in the sky, with Bushranger from Fortnite right beside him.

On another note, Fortnite has also collaborated with Rocket League recently for a Llama-Rama event celebrating the fact that the latter game is now free-to-play. The event began last September 26 and will continue to be ongoing until October 12.

So, if you haven’t checked that out yet, you definitely should as you will be able to win familiar Fortnite items.


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