Genshin Impact Celebrates Diona’s Birthday With Free Gifts

In celebration of Diona’s birthday, Genshin Impact gave away two gifts for free to its players. However, it’s worth noting that one of the two items currently serves no purpose, but that may change in the future.

Diona is one of the newer characters that got launched along with Version 1.2. Her introduction is somewhat memorable because not only is she a cat-girl (the internet loves cats!), Diona is the very first four-star character to be released by miHoYo after the game’s launch.

If you find yourself in need of a Cryo or bow user who also happens to be a support character, then definitely try out this adorable bartender. She’s a fairly versatile character though, as many Genshin Impact players have also used her as a DPS when the right kind of build is used.

Diona may not be as powerful as Ganyu, but she can hold up on her own pretty well. She’s definitely a worthy Cryo/bow character to have on your team, especially if you want to stick to a completely free-to-play playthrough.


Even though she’s a beloved bartender in Mondstadt’s Cat’s Tail Tavern, she actually hates alcohol and wants to eliminate the nation’s wine industry. As a matter of fact, she even goes so far as to call herself the “Wine Industry Slayer.” Ironically, the entirety of Mondstadt love the drinks she makes.

During her birthday this year, Diona admits in her message that she tried to concoct the “worst-tasting cocktail ever” by creating a powder out of Golden Loach Pearls and pouring it into the drink. However, she didn’t get the kind of reaction she wanted and the patrons loved the weird drink she made.

Along with the birthday message, Diona also gives you 10 Loach Pearls as well as her signature recipe called “Definitely Not Bar Food!” If you haven’t experienced cooking this dish yet, you can do so by preparing Mondstadt Grilled Fish with the beloved bartender.

When eating, Definitely Not Bar Food! restores about 10% of the maximum health of the character you’re using as well as an extra 150 HP. Sadly, this recipe doesn’t really offer a lot of benefits when compared to other foodstuffs in Genshin Impact.

Diona birthday message and gift from Genshin_Impact

On the other hand, Diona also offers you 10 Loach Pearls. As mentioned, these pearls aren’t really good for anything right now. They can usually be acquired when you catch Golden Loaches in the Liyue area, specifically near Dihua Marsh and Stone Gate.

Compared to other birthday messages from other characters which contain extremely useful items like Talent or Character Ascension Materials, Diona’s Loach Pearls can’t be used for any kind of crafting or for increasing the stats of your characters. But to be fair to Diona, though, Kaeya’s birthday message last year didn’t include Talent or Ascension Materials either.

Genshin Impact players have been speculating the purpose of these Loach Pearls, with theories stating that they may be used for something or for someone at some point in the future. After all, the idea that miHoYo just decided to give its players a useless item is something that’s hard to grasp.

If the pearls will be truly good for something soon, though, fans hope that it won’t be used for Ascension given how hard they are to obtain.

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