Among Us Players Exploit Invisibility Glitch

The sudden popularity of Among Us this summer has caught the video game community and the developer InnerSloth itself by surprise. The social deduction title was initially released in 2018, but it only started getting recognition this year – two years after its launch.

If, for some reason, you’re unfamiliar with the game, Among Us is an online co-op title that separates players into two categories: Crewmates and Impostors. The thing is, the majority of the players will be given the role of Crewmate, while only a few will be selected as Impostors.

Of course, the actual Crewmates won’t know who the Impostors are, which is why they will have to do their best to blend in with the rest and ensure that the others won’t find them suspicious.

The Crewmates are given various tasks to complete around the map, while Impostors are tasked to slowly eliminate the Crewmates before they get to finish their duties in order to win the game.

Unsurprisingly, some Among Us players have tried to hack and cheat their way through the game in order to gain an unfair advantage above the other players, so much so that honest fans have been complaining about the rise in cheaters in-game.


On the other hand, some players have resorted to exploiting glitches found in the game in a desperate attempt to win. That being said, most of the bugs found in Among Us aren’t that much of a hindrance to the gameplay – except for one glitch that renders a player invisible.

The invisibility glitch only works if you’re an Impostor, and as the name implies, the glitch allows you to become invisible to the rest of the crew if you are able to vent at the right time.

In order to trigger the glitch during a public game of Among Us, the Impostor will have to use the vent right before a body is found or as soon as someone issues an emergency meeting.

If you get to time this correctly, your sprite will still remain visible to you, but the other players won’t be able to see it anymore. That being said, it appears that the glitch is not too overpowered, as it appears that it has its limitations as well.

Namely, the invisibility glitch will automatically stop when you successfully kill a Crewmate.

Of course, having a powerful glitch like this that other players can exploit surely takes the fun away from Among Us. While it may be fun for those invisible Impostors who can easily pick off the Crewmates one by one, it’s definitely frustrating and unfair to those Crewmates who just want to play an honest game.

As of now, we’re still unsure if Among Us developer InnerSloth has already been made aware of this glitch. However, we can only hope that it will release a patch that fixes the issue soon, given how the utilization of this invisibility glitch can seriously affect the title’s overall gameplay.

In other news, the online multiplayer continues to grow in popularity, so much so that it’s actually almost as popular as Pokemon Go when it was released in 2016. We can’t wait to see what InnerSloth has in store for Among Us, especially since new features are currently being worked on.

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