League of Legends’ Samira Already Gets Nerfed After Just a Day of Being Live

Only a day has passed since the latest League of Legends champion named Samira joined the roster, however, the developers over at Riot Games have realized that this kick-ass lady just might be a bit too strong. As a result, they have decided to nerf her in an all-new micro-patch.

The developers acted so fast that this very quick micro-patch went straight to the game’s servers, unlike other patches that have to go through a testing process in PBE.

Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter says in a tweet that the studio is still committed to releasing champions who are balanced. He admits that sometimes they “get lucky and nail it exactly on launch.”

However, there are some times when this just isn’t the case, so they have to quickly make a follow-up update to set things right. Yetter goes on to say that based on their estimations and goals, Samira “looked clearly too strong on day one.”

As you can see on Yetter’s tweet above, the Desert Rose’s base health points were decreased from the original 600 to 530. In addition to that, her mighty ultimate ability, Inferno Trigger, will also be dropped by a significant amount.

The developers decided on these changes so that Samira will be a bit more vulnerable during the early parts of the game, while at the same time taking away a bit of strength from her ultimate.

Many fans have already noticed just how powerful Samira is in both the mid and bottom lanes. As a matter of fact, she has a 51% win rate in ranks above Diamond, according to U.GG. This is already a pretty high percentage for any champion.

The basic damage she makes is already pretty strong in and of itself, but her ultimate ability makes her an unstoppable force to reckon with especially if she gets going early on in the match. Take that along with her Blade Whirl, which obliterates enemy projectiles, and she turns into a menace of a powerhouse.


For further proof showing just how strong Samira is, FlyQuest Academy’s top laner Mo Kaddoura posted a short clip on Twitter showing the champion surviving in a situation that should have had an almost zero percent chance of survival.

As you can see in the clip, Samira is an absolute unit, surviving the fight even after being surrounded by so many opponents.

With her hotfix adjustments, Samira is currently live and playable on Summoner’s Rift. However, just like Yone, she will be disabled during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in order to prevent any balancing issues during this global event.

Without a doubt, Riot Games will have to find a way to balance her out before she takes over the meta. After all, we’ve seen these balancing issues come up over and over again such as the case of Aphelios.

After the initial release of the marksman, he became one of the most picked and banned champions in the game at the start of the year before several patches nerfed him back down.


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