Developer miHoYo Announces Upcoming Genshin Impact Weapons

Genshin Impact players have been enjoying the in-game festivities that have been taking place recently. To celebrate the arrival of spring, players took part in the special Lantern Rite Festival event. This was an exciting time because it was also the introduction of the highly anticipated 5-star playable character known as Xiao.

Even though players can’t attempt to summon Xiao through his Special Character banner anymore, there are still new additions in Genshin Impact that fans can be excited about. For instance, players can look forward to a special variation in the weapons-only banner known as “Epitome Invocation.”

Most of the time, players usually use up their Primogems to summon or Wish for popular Genshin Impact characters like Xiao or Ganyu. However, it’s worth remembering that Genshin Impact allows players to summon much more than that, namely, powerful weapons. Of course, the title’s other banners also offer cool weapons, but if fans want the newest and the most powerful weapons available, they’ll be able to find it through the Epitome Invocation banner.

Although a lot of fans were disappointed when it was revealed that Keqing’s banner will follow after Xiao, seeing as she was already introduced in the game and therefore not as exciting, some may be happy to know that brand-new weapons will be heading to Genshin Impact instead.

If a player is focused on obtaining novelty items or characters, then perhaps they can Wish for these new weapons instead—at least until a new character, like Hu Tao perhaps, replaces Keqing as a featured character.

According to the announcement made on Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account, there will be three new weapons coming to the Epitome Invocation banner, specifically one claymore and two polearms. The two polearms are composed of the Staff of Homa (5-star) and Lithic Spear (4-star), while on the other hand, the claymore is known as the Lithic Blade (4-star).

These three will be exclusively available via the Epitome Invocation banner, and it’s rumored to begin by February 23, 2021. Since it’s only available through this specific banner, players won’t be able to obtain it if they Wish from the regular “Wanderlust Invocation” banner that only calls for Acquaint Fates.

That being said, here are a few details about the new weapons that players can expect. Both the Lithic Spear and the Lithic Blade have stat boosts that lean more towards the offensive. Specifically, the weapons’ Main Stat is ATK% and their Secondary Stat is Base ATK.

Other that that, these weapons would be great for parties that have Zhongli, Ningguang, Xiao, and other similar characters, as they have a unique Liyue-themed ability. For every character from Liyue in their party, the character who has the weapon equipped will be able to receive a 7% ATK increase as well as a 3% CRIT Rate increase.

If players sort out their party correctly, the weapons’ effect can stack up to 4 times. After all, a single party in Genshin Impact is only composed of 4 playable characters. What’s more, these expected stats are for un-enhanced weapons. It’s a completely different story once the weapons are enhanced, as the stat boosts will most likely increase to 10% and 6%, respectively.

As for the Staff of Homa, it’s a great and unique weapon for characters who utilize the polearm. It has numerous boosts for stats such as CRIT DMG and Base ATK, among others. Plus, the ATK Bonus of the character equipping the Staff will increase by an extra 1% of Max HP every time their HP drops below 50%.

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