Minecraft Player Recreates My Hero Academia UA Campus Building

As many are aware by now, Mojang’s Minecraft is an open-world sandbox video game that gives its players the freedom to be as creative as they can possibly be. As such, Minecraft’s community is known for having incredible and awe-inspiring in-game builds, such as recreations of well-known pop culture references, recreations of landmarks from the real-world, or recreation of maps from other video games.

It’s always so inspiring to see players share their fan projects in Minecraft, achieving all kinds of feats with the help of shaders and mods. This time around, a player went ahead and recreated My Hero Academia’s main campus building of UA High School. Based on the screenshots shared by the player, the similarity is quite uncanny.

Six images of the creation were shared by user fyrados on the Boku No Hero Academia subreddit, while a timelapse video was posted on the Minecraftbuilds subreddit. The screenshots showcase the build from various angles, with pictures from the exterior and the interior areas. Even though fyrados didn’t recreate some parts—like the front gate as well as some of the surrounding environment—it’s still an incredible build that apparently took the fan over 15 hours to finish.

With the help of Minecraft shaders, fyrados was able to add some kind of glossy blue texture to the main campus’ building, making it look incredible when the in-game’s sun is setting.

I made the UA on my Minecraft Survival world, it took me more than 15 hours to build from BokuNoHeroAcademia

I made the My Hero Academia school on my survival world (again, but this time I made a timelapse) from Minecraftbuilds

In the timelapse video, we can see how fyrados painstakingly worked on this build—from start to finish. Although the screenshots were undoubtedly incredible, the video truly gives us an understanding of how much effort was put into this build just to recreate My Hero Academia’s UA. The timelapse video is brief—only a little over 2 minutes long—and deserves a watch.

As mentioned, Minecraft is home to incredible builds and recreations, the scope of which also varies. One example would be the recreation of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary by a fan last year, which came with intricate interior surroundings and even Barbas the dog. Even though Minecraft has a blocky aesthetic, this hasn’t stopped fans from pumping out their creative capabilities.

For another example, one player previously recreated The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Minecraft, and it was definitely impressive. What made this build even incredible is the fact that the player used vanilla Minecraft to create this masterpiece, which means that mods weren’t used at all during the building process.

Nevertheless, whether or not mods are being used, these Minecraft builds are truly incredible.

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