Apex Legends Horizon Confirmed to Have “Bigger Nerf Coming Soon”

During the previous week, Apex Legends announced its Chaos Theory collection event, the patch of which will come with significant changes like a nerf to Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate. However, many players were still not satisfied with this change, stating that it’s not enough to make the astrophysicist up to par with all the other legends. In response to this, a developer from Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the studio has a bigger change planned for Horizon at some point in the future.

As you’d expect, the Chaos Theory collection event will come with a variety of skins for the different legends, such as an Anubis-inspired skin for Pathfinder and a skin for Loba that makes her look like a Roman gladiator. As for the other additions, this exciting collection will introduce the highly requested “No Fill” feature. This option will give players the chance to queue into a match solo, without feeling hindered by a team.

Not only that, Pathfinder’s Low Profile perk will also be removed. This perk increases the legend’s damage received by 5%, and it’s a perk that’s usually given to characters who are harder to hit. In fact, Respawn plans to remove this perk from all the other hard-to-hit legends in a future update.


Other than these, the update will also implement some changes to Horizon, a legend with a much higher rate compared to her fellow characters ever since she was first introduced to Apex Legends. To be more specific, developer Respawn Entertainment will be nerfing her by adding a whole extra minute to her Ultimate ability’s cooldown. Called Black Hole, this ability of hers sucks in both players and grenades when activated.

However, it appears that fans aren’t content with this kind of nerf. In fact, one player couldn’t help but ask the developer on Reddit why Horizon only had such a minor nerf compared to others.

Daniel Klein, the Lead Game Designer for Respawn Entertainment, replied to the fan saying that a “bigger nerf” will be given to Horizon “coming soon.” The studio decided to just release the minor nerf, which was what they had ready at that point, because Horizon’s big nerf wasn’t ready for release just yet.

In addition, Klein states that there’s no guarantee yet when this bigger nerf will be release, but he hopes it will come with Season 9. Based on when the current season is set to end, we expect Season 9 to launch some time in early May. Klein’s reply didn’t give details as to what kind of changes and downgrades will be given to Horizon, but recently, Respawn Entertainment has been giving out nerfs and buffs that don’t drastically change how a legend plays.

Among other things, the Chaos Theory collection event will also come with a town takeover for Caustic, a new LTM called Ring Fury, a new Heat Shield consumable which allows players to remain safe and protected from the ring, and more. This update, which will include the new collection event and all the other changes, will go live on March 9, 2021.

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