New Gameplay Trailer Released for Tribes Of Midgard

A brand-new gameplay trailer for Tribes of Midgard has been dropped recently, which gives fans an idea as to how the game works and what it will look like once played. The co-op survival action-RPG is scheduled to be released some time this 2021 for the PC and PS5.

Introduced by Norsfell Game’s community manager, Sydnee McLeod, the trailer shows off the gameplay mechanics of Tribes of Midgard as well as its design which is heavily inspired by the Vikings. McLeod also explains the importance of the Seed of Yggdrasil, and how ensuring that it remains alive is a vital part of the game.

Reminiscent of classic titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Tribes of Midgard has all kinds of dark entities that come out at night and it’s your responsibility to fight them off so that they don’t reach the precious Seed.

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What’s more, these monsters and their attacks get more and more powerful as it gets closer to Ragnarok. That being said, Tribes of Midgard has a decent amount of customization, which is always a fun addition in any video game.

You will be able to customize their Viking character to their liking. If you want to play with other people, you can form a tribe of up to ten individuals via the co-op mode. Exploring the world of the game seems like an exciting endeavor, especially since it has beautifully-made surroundings and details.

In addition to that, you will be able to find and gather materials and resources as you explore the area. These resources will be useful for crafting all kinds of items, such as weapons, armor, potions, and more.

Players are also given the option to create bridges in order to cross bodies of water. Consequently, doing so will also expand your map. At the same time, these bridges can easily be destroyed to ensure that invaders won’t be able to pass.

Just like your average RPG, your character will be able to earn a brand-new ability when they level up. These new abilities will aid you as you fight hordes of enemies.


That being said, the Seed of Yggdrasil isn’t just some frail thing that needs protecting. McLeod mentions that Tribes of Midgard uses the Seed of Yggdrasil as another mechanic in the game. Namely, the Seed of Yggdrasil is described as a “soul-drinking tree,” and you can offer the souls of your fallen enemies to it so that it can feed.

Among the dark creatures that you have to contend with are giants. The fact that giants could possibly arrive at any moment to wreak havoc and pummel your character to its doom gives you a sense of dread as you further explore the map.

It’s quite similar to the popular anime and manga series known as Attack on Titan, wherein the residents of the town of Shiganshina are constantly worried of the ever-hungry Titans from behind their protective walls.

On the bright side, however, giants will be able to drop a massive amount of loot for you once it’s defeated. You and your party members can then collect these items in order to fortify your defenses even more.

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