New Mario Golf Super Rush Update Introduces Toadette and New Donk City

Nintendo has announced that Mario Golf: Super Rush will receive a free update, providing additional content to the game just a few months after its release. The Mario Golf DLC will not only bring a new game mode, but it will also add New Donk City, which was originally seen in 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey, as a playable course.

When Mario Golf: Super Rush was launched in June, critics and fans were disappointed by the game’s lack of replayability and substance. The game is the first Mario Golf game for Nintendo Switch, and it uses the Joy-Cons’ motion controls to simulate actual golf.

Mario Golf: Super Rush offers a variety of game modes for multiple players with local and internet assistance, however, most of them have failed to impress fans owing to their simplicity and repetition. While some of the game’s elements have been well received, some have been dissatisfied by certain aspects of Mario Golf.


The recently announced update for Mario Golf: Super Rush is slated to release later today, August 5, and will include never-before-seen content. Nintendo has announced that the update will include a new Ranked Match option, which will allow players to acquire multiple colors for Yoshi.

Super Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City will be accessible as a new level, while Toadette will debut as a new character. Finally, for a better gaming experience, the update will improve motion controls. Nintendo has revealed that Mario Golf: Super Rush will receive more upgrades later this year.

For those who were first underwhelmed by the game, the addition of fresh material should be great news. The free update is rather big, with the Ranked Match mode and the New Donk City course giving players more reasons to return to the game. Nintendo’s declaration that this is one of several upgrades is also noteworthy since it might indicate that long-awaited Mario Golf enhancements are on their way.

While Nintendo hasn’t said what any forthcoming upgrades would entail, it’s probable that more Mushroom Kingdom characters, as well as more courses from throughout the franchise, will be introduced over time. The Mario franchise is vast, and when it comes to possible route possibilities, Nintendo has plenty of alternatives.

New Donk City was hinted at as DLC for the game earlier this year, but Nintendo hasn’t said anything about what’s next. It’s unclear whether future updates will include other game types, but with Nintendo’s continuous support, Mario Golf: Super Rush may become a standout Mario title.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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