Among Us Bug Compels Impostor to Lose the Game by Killing Themself

As Among Us continues to grow in popularity, fans have been creating all kinds of fan art and content dedicated to this mystery-murder title. When it comes to imaginative creations such as these, it’s safe to say that Among Us will quickly challenge or even surpass Fall Guys’ fan creations.

That being said, many fans love the game for its enjoyable gameplay moments. The game itself has a pretty simple and easily understandable concept, which allows anyone and everyone to play it.

On a more technical level, Among Us is pretty simple too, given the fact that it’s only being developed by three people. Despite its simplicity, its graphics and mini-games still provide enjoyment to the players.

Since the 2018 game suddenly blew up out of nowhere, it doesn’t come as a surprise that players have had some connectivity and server issues. However, as a whole, Among Us seems to be mostly bug-free — or so we thought.


Glitches and general visual issues in Among Us aren’t that common. As such, it’s incredibly noteworthy when something like that does happen during a game. Just recently, a streamer encountered a strange bug while playing.

The scenario went like this: the game only had three players left and one of the crewmates decided to do an emergency vote. Monoddy, who is the streamer in question, was the impostor in this game.

During the emergency vote, he was able to avoid suspicion and an innocent crewmate was cast out into the fiery lava. Just as Monoddy was about to win, a kill screen suddenly appeared out of nowhere, which eliminated his character. As a result, the crewmates ended up winning, much to the streamer’s surprise.

Among Us has been experiencing a severe rise in cheaters and hackers lately, but we don’t think this is the case for what happened in Monoddy’s game. Based on what we’ve seen, this appears to be a very peculiar Among Us bug.

Among Us Streamer Dies To Himself After Winning The Game So He Loses from LivestreamFail

For one thing, it’s safe to say that the game was between a group of friends based on the chit-chat that took place. After all, the streamer had no problem revealing himself as the impostor after the rest of the crew decided on a vote.

Besides, we don’t think that any hacker would be so petty as to kill a character at the very last second. Speaking of, even the way the character was killed was intriguing. The kill animation shows Monoddy’s character stabbing itself on the back.

If you’ve played Among Us even once, you’d know that as an impostor, killing yourself is definitely not on the task list.

One other thing we noticed about the stream is the fact that the players’ votes resulted in a crewmate being cast out. Since there was one crewmate left after that, Monoddy should have won the game. However, since the kill animation bug took place literally seconds before the screen faded to black, the crewmates won instead.

Monoddy’s pure shock was definitely understandable, and it’s quite amusing how you can hear his friends cheering in the background. Since the developers have announced that they’ll be focusing on the initial Among Us game instead of working on a sequel, they should definitely try and address this bug as soon as possible.

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