Nintendo Switch Players Getting Free Pokemon Unite Aeos Tickets

As a thank you, the creator of free-to-play MOBA Pokémon Unite has announced that all players will receive free Aeos Tickets later this month. Pokémon Unite was released for Nintendo Switch earlier this summer and has had over nine million downloads since then.

Players have had varied reactions to Pokémon Unite, with some praising it while others found it annoying. Players may choose their combatants and compete in teams of five Pokémon in 10-minute bouts, beating opponents and scoring goals.

Despite the addition of a number of new characters to the game’s roster since its introduction, many players think the game’s balancing needs to be improved in order to ensure fair and equal battles. Some Pokémon have previously been nerfed or buffed to balance the game, but many combatants continue to cause issues for many gamers. Microtransactions have also been condemned in Pokémon Unite, with the game being accused of having pay-to-win features.


Despite its flaws, Pokémon Unite’s strong download statistics demonstrate the game’s current popularity. The game has now exceeded nine million downloads, according to Pokémon UNITE on Twitter, a milestone for which the creator is rewarding users with a freebie.

Starting September 29, users of Pokémon Unite will receive 2,000 Aeos Tickets just for playing the game. Aeos Tickets are a type of currency in the game that can be used to buy things including Held, Coin and Battle Point Boosters, and Trainer skins.

With Pokémon Unite launching on mobile devices on September 22, the MOBA is anticipated to see even more downloads in the following weeks. The game will feature complete cross-play with Nintendo Switch, allowing fans to compete with trainers who do not possess a Switch system.

Pokémon Unite fans should keep an eye on the game’s social media platforms for future announcements. The game’s developer TiMi Studio Group is expected to celebrate the mobile debut with more in-game prizes and goods for players to play pick up.

With even more pocket monsters set to join the game’s ever-growing roster in the future, there’s plenty to look forward to in Pokémon Unite. Blastoise, a Generation One Pokémon that was originally announced as a forthcoming inclusion owing to a series of Pokémon Unite datamine leaks, was recently introduced to the game. With almost 900 Pokémon in the franchise, future Pokémon Unite combatants will have plenty of possibilities, and gamers should expect to see more in honor of the game’s mobile release.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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