Prince of Persia Remake Delayed Again With No Launch Date Revealed

For the second time in a few months, Ubisoft has postponed Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake, but an exact release date currently remains under wraps. Following a long bout of online leaks and speculations, the publisher ultimately revealed the Prince of Persia remake back in September during one of the company’s Ubisoft Forward events. What should have been an exciting revelation filled with hype was rather met with little cheers and lots of panic.

Fans of the series particularly expressed frustration in the underwhelming visuals of the game’s trailer. As a response to the protest, developer Ubisoft India reiterated that the remake’s visuals were actually a stylistic choice.


Neither time nor budget contributed to the graphical design, according to Syed Abbas, the studio’s managing director. Regardless, such explanations did little to turn the tide of fans’ perception, which later ended up in the studio’s decision to postpone the project out of its originally slated January 2021 release date. In delaying the game to March, Ubisoft pledged to use the extra time to make sure fans receive the game they like.

It looks like the game still is not ready for release, as the developers have once more delayed Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake. Ubisoft shared the news in a text-laden photo on the official Twitter account of Prince of Persia; however, the message didn’t mention anything about a release date.

It is not even certain if the game remains on track for a 2021 launch. Based on the post, this latest postponement will provide the developers the time needed to “deliver a remake that feels fresh while remaining faithful to the original.”

As usual, a postponed game is better than releasing it before the game is ready. While the absence of a revised launch date will certainly frustrate fans, this lapse in the news roll out implies Ubisoft means to give Ubisoft India all the time they need to truly deliver something remarkable. Now, fans will have to wait for when more information about the game will appear.

Anyone anxiously expecting remake-related news has a lot to look forward to in the coming months, provided that 2021 is packed with remake releases. Notably, classics like the Braid, System Shock, and the original Nier are all expected to return in an upgraded form sometime this year. A hopeful Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake release would simply be the icing on an already promising cake.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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