Bravely Default 2 Releases Final Trailer Before Release

Video games have come so far, yet there will always be those who will favor traditional JRPGs similar to the long-running Final Fantasy series. So when Bravely Default was released (and subsequently the announcement of Bravely Default 2), many within the gaming community rejoiced.

Since its initial announcement, many details about Bravely Default 2 have already been released through a variety of teasers and trailers. For instance, we already have a good grasp on the regions where the game is set, as well as the different job classes that players can expect to find in-game.

Of course, we expect that the game’s development team still has all sorts of secrets and surprises hidden away, but thanks to these regularly released trailers, excited players now have a good idea of what they can expect once Bravely Default 2 is launched. That being said, publisher Nintendo felt the need to give away just a bit more information for the last time by dropping a final trailer for the game after the recent Nintendo Direct took place.

Of course, most of the information gleaned from the final trailer are details that were already revealed in previous trailers. As such, it is more or less just a reiteration of what we know so far about Bravely Default 2, reminding fans of all the features and content that they can look forward to like incredible visuals, a new world to explore, and elements of the classic JRPG where players are tasked to save the world from destruction.

Most of the major gameplay mechanics, such as the job classes, were already showcased before. Just like the first Bravely Default game, players will have to defeat particular bosses if they want to gain access to specific jobs. When we say that Bravely Default 2 will feature a new world, this doesn’t necessarily mean that developer Claytechworks will change the game’s formula.

Bravely Default 2’s formula will still have the usual JRPG elements wherein an authoritarian nation wants to take over the entire world. Like in Final Fantasy fashion, there will be a party of four different heroes who will traverse the realm, utilize and protect elemental crystals, and stop the militaristic nation in the process. We expect that there will also be some secret divine being working behind the scenes, although we have yet to find out what or who that will be.


As for its combat system, Bravely Default fans will be happy to know that this aspect has remained mostly the same. While it utilizes the all familiar turn-based system that most JRPG’s have, Bravely Default 2 also builds upon it by implementing something else to its combat.

Specifically, players have the option to guard (default), which allows them to store up additional turns. Once they’re ready to make a move, players can then use up all the stored turns to do multiple moves in one turn (brave). It’s definitely an interesting addition to turn-based combat, and one that many fans appreciate.

Overall, it looks like Bravely Default 2 is going to be yet another solid title that will be joining the roster of JRPGs.

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