New Fortnite Update Teases Possible Return of Midas

When Fortnite was still in Chapter 2 Season 2, it had a spy theme that introduced a character known as Midas. You could even say that he was the highlight of that season, given the fact that his story played such a significant role during that time.

However, the advent of Season 3 brought about a flood to Fortnite, and at that point, fans believed that Midas was no more because it was implied that he was eaten by a shark. Given these new findings though, it seems that the developer isn’t entirely finished with Midas just yet.

It’s already a known fact that the character will be receiving a new skin called Midas Rex, which will be included in the Last Laugh bundle that’s set to release next month in November. It should be worth noting that this bundle will also contain cosmetics for familiar Batman villains, namely Joker and Poison Ivy.

That being said, there’s a pretty high chance that Midas will be returning to the world of Fortnite sooner than anticipated. Just recently, an all-new update was released for the game, but players soon noticed that the patch notes released post-update didn’t include a detailed account of everything new in the game.

One noticeable thing that Epic Games glossed over is the fact that Galactus can now be seen flying in the distance, which is an indicator that he’ll be coming to Fortnite soon.


Another minor yet noteworthy inclusion in this recent update is Midas’ golden chair. Of course, something as minor as this doesn’t necessarily require this much speculation. However, the fact that Epic Games added his chair to Fortnite could suggest that it is planning something related to Midas in the near future.

A common theory is that the character might return to the free-to-play title during the Fortnitemares Halloween update and event. That said, fans have been treated to content leaks regarding the event, focusing more on the new skins you can expect to find available.

However, there has been no news or any indication that Midas will be a part of the said event, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an impossibility. Right now, we can’t completely rule out his return.

After all, he could still come back as a zombie after supposedly getting eaten by the shark, or perhaps he survived the attack altogether.


That being said, the update also features other new additions that are worth noting. There have been reports that Fortnite now has a new Mythic Ability. These are equippables that take inspiration from the superpowers of Marvel characters.

To be more specific, the new Mythic Ability is called Kinetic Armor and it’s based on Black Panther. This new addition is great because it grants players the ability to run faster, as well as absorb and deal extra damage.

A skin for Black Panther hasn’t been released yet, but if you want to obtain this new Mythic Ability, it’s said that the Stark Industries Supply Drones will contain it.

Last but not least, there have been changes made to the Superstore near Holly Hedges. It’s nothing significant, but we thought to mention that it’s been renamed to Hey Boo Megastore. In fact, it even has a new spooky logo to prepare for the upcoming Halloween event.

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