InnerSloth Teases New Map In Among Us’ First Official Tweet

After the unexpected spike in popularity, InnerSloth promised Among Us players that it will be bringing new features and content to the game and it seems like the developer is truly following through on its word.

As a matter of fact, the studio gave its fans an exciting glimpse of the brand-new map that will be introduced to the game in a future update. Among Us hasn’t had a new map since November of last year, which was when the Polus map was released.

As such, it’s not surprising that fans are beyond excited about this new location. Plus, it’s also an indicator that InnerSloth is serious about improving and refining Among Us.

The social deduction game was initially released in 2018, but it saw a huge wave of players earlier this year thanks to Twitch streamers and foreign content creators. Consequently, the indie title caught the attention of other online gamers who decided to try it out as well.

Since the title’s sudden success some time in July, InnerSloth found the drive and inspiration to develop a sequel while continuing to work on the original game. However, the team working on the game came to realize that a sudden increase in playerbase meant technical difficulties, as Among Us was never designed to handle this many players.

In September, InnerSloth decided to cancel Among Us 2 because it wanted to focus its efforts on the already-existing game. That being said, it’s truly amazing how much Among Us has improved so far, especially since InnerSloth is only composed of three people.

Some of the initial improvements made to the game involved transferring it from a single free Amazon server to several sturdier ones, which greatly helped the game cope with the incredible surge in players.

In addition to that, InnerSloth has also made a headstart in revamping the game’s old codebase. The new gameplay features that were supposed to be included in the canceled sequel were implemented in the original game instead.

That being said, popularity also brought bad apples along with it. Namely, Among Us saw an increase in hackers and cheaters, which has kept the team preoccupied as of late as they tried to quickly release fixes.

It appears that InnerSloth finally found the time to work on all the new content planned for Among Us, though. Today, the developer posted a sneak peek of the brand-new map using the official Among Us Twitter account, which was left unused for more than a year.

The shared screenshot showcases a new room from the upcoming map, and we can safely expect that this new location will be bigger than Polus. All we know about this map so far is that it will be inspired by the Henry Stikmin games, so hopefully, the developer will unveil a little bit more about the new map soon.

In a follow-up tweet, the Among Us developers tease fans that more information will be revealed during The Game Awards this December 10. Therefore, those who are “hungry for more” should definitely mark this event on their calendars.

InnerSloth has yet to reveal when the new map will go live, but we might know more details next month.

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