Over A Dozen League Of Legends Champions Will Be Getting Buffs In Upcoming Patch

League of Legends remains to be one of the most popular video games out there, and Riot Games still continues to release regular updates to improve it as well as add new content. Recently, League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director, Mark Yetter, shared a few details to fans on Twitter regarding the upcoming 10.25 patch and what they can expect from it.

The information he revealed included a bunch of nerfs and buffs for both the Champions and many items within the game. League of Legends players are currently in the middle of Preseason 2021, which means that it’s to be expected that the game will undergo numerous changes.

At the moment, the team behind Riot Game’s multiplayer battle arena is still taking note of what works and what doesn’t, especially since several new items have recently been added to the game as well as the implementation of Mythic items.

Thanks to Yetter though, League of Legends players now have an idea of what the changes are going to be before they officially go live. According to his tweets, the next patch is going to buff about 21 League of Legends Champions.

These buffs will be spread out across different Champion categories and lanes. According to Yetter, Anivia is going to get a pretty great buff on all her stats. These buffs aim to give her a more general, quality of life balance.

Riot Games will be making some changes to Pantheon as well. More specifically, he will receive buffs that will make him a better Champion on the top-lane, including changes made to his abilities’ cooldown and damage capabilities.

Moving on, Warwick, Talon, Irelia, Karthus, Lulu, and Mordekaiser will be getting damage boosts. On the other hand, Champions such as Yone, Twitch, and Yasuo will receive attack speed increases.

Several Jungle Champions, like Ekko, Taliyah, Rengar, and Wukong, will be receiving buffs in that they will be able to deal extra damage to the various monsters. That being said, other Junglers will receive other kinds of adjustments as well.

For the more Champion-specific buffs, Ivern’s cooldown and shield will be receiving a few changes, while his ultimate ability, Daisy, will be increased in attack speed. On the other hand, Nidalee’s Q ability will receive increased scaling as well as reduced mana costs, while Lee Sin will be getting some tweaks for his armor, damage, and cooldown.


One of the more recent Champions, Seraphine, will also be receiving some adjustments. We can see why this is necessary though since Riot Games is currently working to shift Seraphine away from the support role to being someone who fights on the mid-lane instead.

Sad to say, not every Champion in League of Legends will be receiving a buff in the upcoming update. Samira, Morgana, Kayn, Kayle, Jhin, Fizz, and Annie will be getting nerfed instead.

Samira already got nerfed a few months ago a day after she went live, and the fact that she’s getting yet another nerf most likely means that Riot Games still considers her to be too strong.

While this will probably be disappointing news for those who mainly use these Champions, we can imagine that battles against them will no longer be as frustrating. In any case, League of Legends’ 10.25 patch is expected to launch on December 9, which will also be when the newest Champion, Rell, will be released.

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