Capcom Showcases New Armor For Monster Hunter Rise’s Palamute

The Monster Hunter Rise demo has been available on the Nintendo Switch eShop since a few weeks ago, and fans have been gleaning every possible bit of information about the game—no matter how miniscule—from the demo, especially since it will be removed from the storefront at the end of the month.

While players have been experiencing the game first-hand, Capcom continues to keep the hype going by sharing yet another video on the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account. This time around, the short clip showcases never-before-seen Palamute armor designs.

Palamutes, the new animal companion introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, is one of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming game. Even though the franchise already had a feline companion in the form of the Palico, a big portion of the series’ fanbase probably felt a surge of excitement when the developer announced the inclusion of canines.

Seeing as the Palamutes offer new activities, such as giving players the ability to pet them, there’s no doubt that many are looking forward to adorning their canine companion with different armor for aesthetic purposes. Now, Monster Hunter Rise’s recent Twitter post gives fans an idea of what their Palamute would look like when equipping armor—needless to say, it makes the canine look both fierce and adorable at the same time.

The short video showcased six different Palamute armor, as well as one new Palico armor. Fans with sharp attention to detail may notice that these armor designs are based off of the monsters that were revealed during the digital event that took place recently.

The different armor from the short clip featured designs that were a clear nod to various in-game monsters, such as the Khezu, Great Baggi, Tigrex, Barioth, and Lagombi. It was previously confirmed that these monsters will reside in the Frost Islands, which is a brand-new area in Monster Hunter Rise.

Going through the video, fans will probably feel a surge of affection for these fierce canines, or perhaps even some form of nostalgia, as they see the Tigrex gear with the blue and orange scales, the Khezu equipment and its rubber-like texture, and the Lagombi armor with its fluffy pom-poms which make the Palamute look both comfy and luxurious.

That being said, there’s one armor set from the video that stands out, and it’s the one made out of the new monster, the Goss Harag. This particular set is so unique that Monster Hunter Rise’s development team added footage showing both the Palamute and the Palico equipping the gear.

Capcom has yet to reveal what Palico or Palamute gear designs can be made out of the rest of the monsters. After all, there’s a bunch of them that the developer has yet to give special attention to, including Bishaten, Somnacanth, Tetranodon, and others.

Hopefully, Capcom will share what the Palico and Palamute gear designs for these monsters will be, as players are interested in this kind of content and will surely excite both old and new fans even more.

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