No Man’s Sky: Origins Is Released Today And It’s Bigger Than Ever

As you may or may not have guessed, the all-new Origins update for No Man’s Sky that went live today primarily focuses on including more content and variety to the space sandbox title. However, it appears that the update is much, much bigger than we anticipated.

When Hello Games said that Origins “dramatically expands the universe of No Man’s Sky,” they weren’t kidding. While you’re busy exploring the new and improved galaxy of No Man’s Sky, you will be able to find various kinds of new flora and fauna, along with new planets and types of planets.

The launch trailer, which you can watch above, showcases creatures that definitely look different from the species we’ve seen before in the game. The trailer continues to show what looks like solar systems that have binary stars.

If you watch until the end of the trailer, you’ll witness a ginormous sandworm. Now that’s definitely something we can also consider as a change in variety.


When it comes to weather, Hello Games has also implemented something quite fun and exciting. Previously in No Man’s Sky, bad weather such as toxic storms or acid rains would be experienced planet-wide wherever you are. This means that you will have to leave the planet if you want to avoid it.

In Origins, however, they have added realistic localized weather that won’t hit the planet you’re in all at once. Instead, the weather will act a bit more realistically, as it will sweep across and around the planet.

They have also added special weather effects such as tornadoes and meteor showers, which we find to be most exciting. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray talked about these weather effects some more.

Murray says that the weather events have a purpose and are, in fact, beneficial. It’s really more of a risk-reward scenario, as the weather effect may be harmful to your character, but it’s exciting at the same time because you will be able to gather resources out of them.


For example, you could try scouting the area during a meteor shower. Sure, it may be dangerous and certainly life-threatening, but there’s also a chance that you’ll be leaving the area full of high-quality resources.

Creating and building bases is a thing in No Man’s Sky, so you might be worried that the new planetary features like the volcanoes will greatly damage your home planet or the base you’ve spent countless hours working on.

It’s definitely a valid concern, but there’s no need to worry because Hello Games has assured us that they’ve ensured that nothing will happen to the players’ bases.

The update has so much more to offer, such as “wild robots” you’ll encounter roaming around in certain planets. You’ll also find massive archive buildings that will hold “data, treasure, and directions to long-forgotten ruins.”


There are also fertile planets, where you’ll find swamps, marshes, and insect life. However, there are barren planets, as well, which will contain abandoned buildings that look interesting enough to explore.

The No Man’s Sky Origins update goes live today, so definitely check it out if you can. For the complete patch notes, check out the official website.

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