Phasmophobia Teases Prison Level With New Screenshots

Who said horror games are only for Halloween? Developed by Kinetic Games, the indie ghost hunting title Phasmophobia still continues to gain traction in the video game community.

After the unexpected spike in popularity, Kinetic Games swiftly started working on new content for fans to enjoy, such as new maps. Just last week, the developer teased the players that it’s currently working on a new prison level for the game.

Today, the official Twitter account for Phasmophobia shared a few screenshots of the new map, giving the excited fans a little sneak peek of what they can expect from the upcoming level.

It’s truly impressive how the level already looks solid and well-designed, even despite the fact that it’s been only a week since it was initially revealed. The teased screenshots are pretty dark – literally – so you may have to increase the brightness of the device you’re using.

Although, the dark atmosphere matches the overall theme of Phasmophobia, and so far, the new level looks like your stereotypical prison layout. The three posted screenshots feature a watchtower, a prison courtyard, as well as a cafeteria area. In addition, it appears that there’s also a visitor’s area, which is where inmates sit behind a glass window to meet and talk with visitors.

Kinetic Games’ developer Dknighter has been hard at work improving and refining Phasmophobia ever since its sudden popularity, rising to the top of Twitch’s charts. As a matter of fact, the latest Phasmophobia update brought with it a slew of fixes that got rid of bugs and glitches.

Along with the improved performance, the latest update also added new gameplay features to the ghost hunting title. For one thing, Kinetic Games included a brand-new objective for players to achieve wherein they have to try and get a ghost to walk through salt that have been sprinkled on the ground.

In addition to that, players who get killed during the level now have the ability to pick up inanimate objects and then throw them around the room. We assume that the purpose of this is to further scare those players who are still alive and roaming the area.

Due to Phasmophobia’s unexpected success, Kinetic Games has decided to make some changes to its initial plans for the game. Initially, Dknighter planned that Phasmophobia would only be in Early Access for a shorter amount of time.

However, due to the fact that the game brought in a huge playerbase, the developer decided to make some adjustments to Phasmophobia’s roadmap. Some may be disappointed by this news, but on the bright side, this gives Kinetic Games more time to fix the bugs and glitches currently present in the game. We have to be patient and understanding with Dknighter because he’s the sole developer of the game, after all.

2020 may have been a turbulent year in general, but it seems to be a great year for indie games. For instance, Phasmophobia was the best-selling game on Steam for two weeks before Halloween. In other words, a game that was only created by one developer surpassed big-budget titles such as The Outer Worlds and Baldur’s Gate 3.

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