Square Enix’s Project Athia Will Be a PS5 Exclusive For 2 Years

According to a brand-new PlayStation trailer showcasing the “new and upcoming games” that are headed to the next-gen console, the new game that Square Enix is currently working on is set to be a console exclusive for 2 years at most. In other words, the game will be restricted within the confines of the PlayStation 5 for quite some time.

Project Athia, which is the game’s working title, is pretty much shrouded in darkness and mystery right now, as no one really has any substantial information about the game asides from a few vague trailers. There’s not a lot of footage available either that could possibly help us figure out what the game is all about.

In addition, Square Enix and its fans have directed their full attention to Final Fantasy 16 at the moment, especially since the upcoming title has officially been revealed. In any case, there’s a lot to unpack concerning timed PlayStation console exclusives.

Gamers have previously criticized this practice because it feels like it unnecessarily separates the different players who make use of different platforms, which negatively affects multiplayer titles most of all.

However, the fact that Godfall will be yet another timed PS5 exclusive is a clear indication that this practice will most likely continue indefinitely. The length of a game’s console exclusivity completely depends, and it varies most of the time. For major titles, on the other hand, the length of time appears to be significantly longer.

While Project Athia isn’t as hyped as other Square Enix titles, the developer is still highly-beloved with a cult following. As such, fans will most likely start tuning into Project Athia’s development updates, especially when more information gets revealed.

According to the recent PlayStation trailer though, it appears that Project Athia will also be a timed PS5 console exclusive upon release for “at least 24 months after release date.” Even though the game will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S users will have to wait for at least 2 years before they can experience the game on their consoles.


While the video game community is no stranger to timed console exclusive games, 2 years seems to be an especially long amount of time. Don’t lose hope, though! The new PlayStation video didn’t mention a release date or window for Project Athia.

As such, there’s still a chance that the length of time will be reduced as development goes on, especially if they see how negatively the players have reacted to the announcement.

When looking or thinking about the bigger picture though, the fact that Square Enix’s new project will only be available on one specific console for quite a long time makes one worry about the future of upcoming games.

Godfall will only be exclusively available on the PS5 for more or less 6 months. We hope that future console exclusive games will follow this kind of timeframe because 2 years just seems way too long.

Project Athia might be under the radar now due to the fact that it doesn’t have a huge following just yet, so we hope that the 2-year exclusivity will be reconsidered once more gamers become invested in the game.

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