Pirates Comes to Civilization 6

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is steadily expanding its areas, the latest addition being Byzantium and Gaul last month in the New Frontier Pass. That specific update was a part of a DLC pass that players had to pay for. However, it all seems worth it, given how it includes a bunch of new content like the Dramatic Ages game mode and a new map script.

Players who are enjoying Civilization 6’s free content, on the other hand, don’t have to fret about missing out because Firaxis Games will be releasing the game’s third free content update. This time, you can expect pirates to arrive on your shore.

The new pirates scenario is partially based on Sid Meier’s Pirates!, which is a title that was initially released in 1987, and a remake was released in 2004. Its addition to Civilization 6 will completely change the way the game can be played, unlike the more traditional civilizations that were previously added like Gaul.

Firaxis Games has released a video detailing the new additions that will be included in the October update. In the video, Associate Producer Rony Kahana reveals that the new pirates scenario will host a maximum of four players who will be trying to make it out alive of a pirate invasion.

However, it’s not only pirates you have to worry about – you will also have to deal with navies from other nations such as Spain and Britain. Aside from that, the game will be adding a new map with new art.

You will be able to choose from four different groups of pirates, each having their own unique skills. These factions are known as Dread Pirate, Privateer, Swashbuckler, and Hoarder. Despite their differences though, all of them won’t be able to build settlements just like in your usual Civilization 6 game.

Instead, new mechanics were included in the title to compensate for that, some of which came directly from Sid Meier’s Pirates! like collecting relics and then equipping them.



The upcoming third content update is set to release this October 22 at 9:00 a.m. PDT, and there’s more to it than just pirates. This update will bring balancing changes and patches to Civilization 6, some of which are based on the community’s feedback.

For instance, those leaders who are controlled by AI will focus more on rebuilding their defensive structures instead of religious structures, especially if Religion is not a significant part of their civilization.

In other news, Associate Producer Kevin Schultz also announced in the video that the studio is reopening for any employee who feels comfortable and safe enough to return to the office, however, work from home is still offered as an option.

As we’re all aware, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on video games and its development, as most developers have started working from home to stay safe from the virus. However, it appears that the studio has decided to lift these restrictions.

Even after the big October update, Civilization 6 fans have a lot more to look forward to in the forthcoming months. After all, the New Frontier Pass promises to release a total of six expansions. The Byzantium and Gaul pack was the third one, so there should be three more expansions to be excited for.

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